Peng Zhang on August 10th, 2013

很多人喜欢看体育比赛或者其他节目的直播,我就特别喜欢看羽毛球比赛。但是,问题是很多BWF的国际比赛在YouTube上看不了,因为有地域限制。一直寻寻觅觅找方法,今天终于办成了,还要感谢朋友老李的介绍。 本来以为很简单,只要下载一个程序就行,其实中间会遇到不少问题: 下载的软件没有发布者的签名,让人总感觉不安全; 因为操作系统是英文的,安装过程中有乱码,看不明白该做什么; 没有声音; 只有声音,没有图像; 这里分享一下,我是如何一一搞定的: 关于软件安全问题,我没有把它直接装在自己用的电脑里,而是在电脑里建立一个虚拟系统,把软件装在虚拟系统里,以后不用,把文件一删就成了; 关于安装过程中的乱码天书,在control panel的地域和语言中作一个修改,把地域改成中文简体,这样程序如果不支持UTF编码的话,系统就会把文字显示为简体中文; 关于没有声音,其实这是一个很简单的问题,只要把虚拟机器关了,然后进入虚拟机器的设置里,增加声音设备,让它用宿主机的声音设备就行了,然后重新开机; 关于没有图像的问题,下载VLC播放器,打开BETV,选择节目,开始播放,然后开启VLC播放器,打开Network Stream,然后键入http://就行,然后关掉BETV里的声音。 具体步骤大致是这样的: 下载并安装VMWare Player (; 下载Windows 7的虚拟机文件(; 解压虚拟机文件(通常有多个文件)到一个比较合适的虚拟机文件夹; 打开VMWare,然后选择打开虚拟机,浏览到刚解压的虚拟机文件,修改设置,如果没有声音设备,增加一个新的声音设备; 进入虚拟机操作系统,修改Regional and Languages设置,把简体中文作为缺省的区域,这样不支持utf的程序内的文字会以简体中文显示; 下载并安装BETV播放软件 (; 打开BETV软件,选择节目,开始播放,系统会要求登录;有一个选择是注册一个用户,在通过电邮证实后,就可以马上用了;开始播放选中的节目;如果你可以看到图像,那就行了;否则,关掉声音,做下一步; (如果你看不到图像才需要做这一步),下载并安装VLC播放器(;打开VLC Player,然后打开Network Stream, 然后键入http://,按OK, VLC Player就会播放BETV的节目。

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Peng Zhang on September 13th, 2011

Issue: I was developing a Sharepoint webpart that will allow an end user to be able to easily insert videos (flv, f4v, mp4, swf) that are hosted elsewhere. And I encountered this weird issue where all the script and code appears to be good, and yet the video will not start to play when the [...]

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One of the challenges we face as a global organization is that we have to account for a wide spectrum of bandwidths available to our users. On islands of Maldives, Bora Bora and Seychelles, and even at some land-based locations in Thailand, the bandwidth available is fairly low by today’s standards. These low-bandwidth locations roughly [...]

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I have been using FlowPlayer for delivering web video in FLV for the last couple of years. And lately, I have switched from flv to mp4/H.264 videos. As there is the demand for supporting iPad, I started looking at libraries such as MediaElement.js and VideoJS for their support for HTML5 video. And in the past [...]

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Peng Zhang on May 9th, 2011

This post is to record the resources that I gathered in the search for a solution to detect client bandwidth. A tutorial to build a bandwidth tester with source download (on Net Tuts) A detector AS3 Class with source download Another AS3 Tester with source Yet another one with source (a library with bandwidth part [...]

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I know image maps are supposed to be deprecated html entities. But sometimes, you have to work with what is provided and does not have the time to enhance and modify the template. In such a HTML template, there is an image map and from one of its AREA tags, I want to play a [...]

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