Peng Zhang on October 17th, 2012

I just want to record my experience with debugging WordPress and some plugins. WP-Debug is a plugin that is popular based on the number of downloads, but has not been updated for more than a year; also, when activated, it could display some debug information including queries in the front end in the footer area, but [...]

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I know image maps are supposed to be deprecated html entities. But sometimes, you have to work with what is provided and does not have the time to enhance and modify the template. In such a HTML template, there is an image map and from one of its AREA tags, I want to play a [...]

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Without a close look, the two plugins can be easily confused with each other due to the name. WP Maintenance Mode has much nicer looking themes, a higher rating and a lot bigger number of downloads. But when I turned on the maintenance mode, people logged in as editors can still access the admin area [...]

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Peng Zhang on March 11th, 2011

Created a jQuery plugin for vertical and horizontal centering.

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Peng Zhang on January 28th, 2011

If anybody is wondering why their themes and widgets menu disappear from under the Appearance admin area even if you are logged in as an administrator, this happened to me yesterday. To save you some time, I figured and confirmed that this can be caused by turning on the option to show the Appearance -> [...]

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I decided to play with the two popular WordPress plugins to see how they meet my needs. Here are some facts at the time of this writing: WPML Multilingual CMS: downloads: 199,894 qTranslate: downloads: 190,903 Here is purely my personal opinion: Pros for qTranslate provides easy one-click buttons on admin menu to localise the admin [...]

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