Peng Zhang on October 14th, 2009

My colleague needed to go on a long trip and wanted to listen to the audio from 4 DVDs – recordings of focus groups – in his audio CD player. So I helped with the extraction of audio. Here is what I found about the process: Any Video Converter, the free tool, can actually extract [...]

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Peng Zhang on July 13th, 2009

This is just to document and show that it has problems to go from a FLV file to a DVD; it is always recommended to go from uncompressed source video to DVD. The quality of the video takes a noticeable hit converting from FLV (already compressed) to DVD format. So much so that it makes [...]

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Peng Zhang on May 28th, 2009

I had some challenges with some DVDs where Any Video Converter(AVC) would fail to convert to WMV format but was able to convert to a long FLV which could not be properly handled by Adobe Media Encoder (AME would error out and fail to segment it into short video clips). I looked into the error [...]

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Peng Zhang on May 20th, 2009

In an earlier post, I said “Don’t convert into FLV as an intermediary format”. Well, it turned out that that is not entirely true. Adobe Media Encoder can sometimes properly segment the FLV into resized-down flv clips without problem. I found out about this because I only had a FLV to start with, downloaded from [...]

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Peng Zhang on May 7th, 2009

Do not convert DVD vob file into FLV as an intermediate format. I converted a DVD into a FLV file using the highest available bitrate 1500 and the original FPS using Any Video Converter, but Media Encoder will not properly segment the video into clips at my specified start and end times. Media Encoder CS4 [...]

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Peng Zhang on February 28th, 2009

In my daily work, I found that people are increasingly wanting to put videos online for learning or training purposes. And I have been asked to put the content of a DVD – an internal training program – onto our web-based learning management system.

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