Peng Zhang on September 2nd, 2010

Geometric Correction This includes correcting the horizon, straightening the vertical, correcting lens distortion. Sometimes it is just a simple rotation that will correct the horizon and the vertical. When doing the rotation to correct for horizon, I find the ruler and guide line to be helpful to judge whether horizon line is good enough. The [...]

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Peng Zhang on July 26th, 2010

Created an image to size inside Fireworks CS4 for inclusion into Word; exported to JPG at 300dpi, and inserted into Word but the inserted image would get squashed or stretched inside Word. And it seems that Word cannot correctly interpret the dimension of the image. But closer inspection showed that Word has no problem because [...]

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Peng Zhang on April 23rd, 2010

Fireworks is mainly a screen- and web-oriented vector and bitmap image editor. As such, there is no way to export to EPS format directly. Here is how I handle it when there is a need to bring a Fireworks drawing to EPS, with some success. First convert text objects into paths; otherwise the text object [...]

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Peng Zhang on April 7th, 2010

I have often wondered whether to save as JPEG or PNG when doing screenshots, that is, whenever options are available from the screenshooting software. I decided to do a comparison myself. Comparing photographic area at 400% zoom of a 1280 x 836 screenshot: Comparing text area at 400% zoom of a 1280 x 836 screenshot: [...]

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Peng Zhang on March 17th, 2010

I found out the hard way that when you use divs to lay out part of a page instead of tables, if there is no width and height attributes in the IMG tag, in IE 7, the right most div that contains an IMG tag will wrap around to the next row. The same page [...]

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Peng Zhang on March 16th, 2010

This is a description of how I saw a new theme was created by copying an existing theme. This is just to help me remember the general process later on. It’s not detailed and may not even be accurate. duplicate the folder of an existing theme, for example, the “Jet” theme folder; rename the duplicate [...]

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