Peng Zhang on August 18th, 2014

I had to swerve to avoid being hit, and doing that at 100km/hour could cause my car to lose control. But luckily I avoid it.

The other guy made these mistakes:

  • did not check blindspot before changing lane;
  • did not signal, or did not signal long enough before changing lane;
  • stepping on the brake for no apparent reason;
  • driving slowly on the passing lane;


Peng Zhang on August 7th, 2014

My green bin has been broken for some time. I bought a new one from Canadian Tire for $39.99 before tax, an exorbitant price for a piece of plastic. I then researched the web to see if there is a better option. And sure, there is – I can get a replacement green bin for free from the city. And there is even an online ordering form. I ordered a replacement one and was instructed to put out the broken one out on the next curb collection day, and place the organic waste in a clear plastic bag; and the new one will be delivered on that day. So I returned the green bin back to Canadian Tire. Thank you very much.

However, the new one was dropped off a day earlier to the door. The problem is the curbside collection teams did not remove the old broken green bin placed beside the new one. I researched the web again, and the toronto city website is not clear about how to drop off the broken one. It gives the impression that you have to deposite $20 dollars on entry and pay the balance on exit, and did not mention dropping off a green bin.

I went anyway to the Scarborough Transfer station to try my luck. After entering the premises, there is a fork in the road; to the left are mostly different types of daily waste; and to the right is the office and visitors, plus hazardous waste. I pondered for a while, and decided to take the office visitor route, because I don’t have any real waste. And I saw green bin piles near the office as well. There was no one in sight when I parked the car and approached an open door. Then a man appeared from a side office. I told him I have a broken green bin, and he told me to leave the broken green bin near the piles, and came back to get a new one. I told him I already got a new one and I left the broken one there.

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Peng Zhang on July 11th, 2014

I will be attending these sessions.

Session Interested Time Location Level Track SpeakerName Company
Designing for a SharePoint Provider Hosted App Selected 09:00-10:15 Development MPR 2 Roy Kim
How to Balance Security and Usability for Single Sign-On in Your Extranet Selected 10:30-11:45 Case Study Boardroom 35 200 IT Pro, Developer, End-User, Business Peter Carson (MVP) Envision IT
Architecting process to replace Server web parts with of REST and CSOM Selected 13:00-14:15 IW/Admin Boardroom 25 200 IT Pro Bill Brockbank Navantis Inc.
Battle-scarred but still standing: A Sharepoint Admin’s Tell-All Selected 14:20-15:35 Business MPR 1 Jason Himmelstein (MVP)
Build your business portal on office 365 : the social company Selected 15:45-16:45 Yammer/O365/Social 100 IT Pro, Developer, Business Vincent BIRET (MVP) Negotium

There are other sessions that I am interested, but because of schedule conflict, I could not:

Inside the mind of a SharePoint Architect Conflicted 300 IT Pro, Developer Noorez Khamis (MVP) ReyJen Inc.
Managing SharePoint Online (O365) with PowerShell + CSOM Conflicted 200 IT Pro, Developer Amit Vasu (MVP) Momentum Digital Solutions Inc.
LCBO Uncorks SharePoint Governance Conflicted 100 End-User Ivor Davies LCBO
Building advanced business solutions without a single line of code Must 200 IT Pro, Developer, Business Vladi Gubler Infowise Solutions
Secure SharePoint Development Yes 200 Developer Eli Robillard (MVP) MNP LLP
How to use SP2013, O365 and Yammer to create a knowledge Social Network across your organization. Yes 200 IT Pro, End-User, Business Nicolas Georgeault (MVP) Negotium

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Peng Zhang on July 3rd, 2014

This screenshot pretty much tells why I chose the width stops to support with media queries.

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Peng Zhang on June 15th, 2014

Peng Zhang on June 3rd, 2014

My blog is filled with comments spam as pending comments. The spamming is so serious that the spam filled up the database very quickly, causing it’s overall size to exceed the account limit.

I initially used manual methods to delete pending comments into trash, and clearing trash permanently. But I quickly realized that the manual method will take too long.

I searched and used the good plugin called “delete pending comments”, so aptly named after what I want to do. Installed it and deleted all pending comments. But the overall size of the database still remained very high. Then I found the commentmeta table is unusually high.

I followed this post to reduce the size of the table.

Specifically this SQL comment:

DELETE FROM tableprefix_commentmeta WHERE meta_key LIKE "%akismet%"

One day I will need to upgrade the blog to the latest version.

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