Peng Zhang on January 4th, 2015

First off, this can be done, but without some minor issues. And this solution is probably more fit for those who are techy and understand the Internet. It would be more trouble for support if the solution is handed over to a client who does not have much basic internet knowledge. With that out of [...]

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Peng Zhang on June 3rd, 2014

My blog is filled with comments spam as pending comments. The spamming is so serious that the spam filled up the database very quickly, causing it’s overall size to exceed the account limit. I initially used manual methods to delete pending comments into trash, and clearing trash permanently. But I quickly realized that the manual [...]

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Peng Zhang on March 31st, 2013

This is just for my own record. Outgoing mail server (SMTP) settings: SMTP server: Use SSL Port: 465 Use authentication Email address: Your Yahoo! Mail email address (for example, Password: Your Yahoo! Mail password Account name/sign-in name: Your Yahoo! ID (your email address without the “” at the end; for example, “jo.bloggs”) copied from [...]

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I know image maps are supposed to be deprecated html entities. But sometimes, you have to work with what is provided and does not have the time to enhance and modify the template. In such a HTML template, there is an image map and from one of its AREA tags, I want to play a [...]

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Without a close look, the two plugins can be easily confused with each other due to the name. WP Maintenance Mode has much nicer looking themes, a higher rating and a lot bigger number of downloads. But when I turned on the maintenance mode, people logged in as editors can still access the admin area [...]

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Peng Zhang on March 21st, 2011

Truth be told. One day it just dawned on me that WordPress does not use session at all, none. How does it know whether a user is an anonymous visitor or someone who has previously logged in? It uses cookies. If I remember correctly, it uses a number of cookies: one for the admin backend, [...]

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