One of the challenges we face as a global organization is that we have to account for a wide spectrum of bandwidths available to our users. On islands of Maldives, Bora Bora and Seychelles, and even at some land-based locations in Thailand, the bandwidth available is fairly low by today’s standards. These low-bandwidth locations roughly [...]

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I have been using FlowPlayer for delivering web video in FLV for the last couple of years. And lately, I have switched from flv to mp4/H.264 videos. As there is the demand for supporting iPad, I started looking at libraries such as MediaElement.js and VideoJS for their support for HTML5 video. And in the past [...]

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Peng Zhang on April 16th, 2011

For one of our Flash-based projects, I have asked for a MP4 video with the .H264 encoding from our videographer.  I was naturally expecting a video file ending in .mp4 file extension.  But it came back as a MOV file, which I think is also a legitimate .h264 file extension, but is it mp4 file? [...]

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Flash’s FLVPlayBack Component has a weird problem: when it tries to play a FLV video, it first shows green stripes in the progress bar and takes extremely long before the video starts to show up, regardless of the connection speed and the size of the video file. The video will eventually play, but the striping [...]

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Peng Zhang on September 5th, 2009

I found this javascript file that can be used to do some sniffing about user’s browser capabilities including the version of Windows Media Player version. The script looks a bit dated, but the concept of detecting Windows Media Player version may be borrowed or the script could be updated. The original source of the file [...]

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Peng Zhang on July 13th, 2009

This is just to document and show that it has problems to go from a FLV file to a DVD; it is always recommended to go from uncompressed source video to DVD. The quality of the video takes a noticeable hit converting from FLV (already compressed) to DVD format. So much so that it makes [...]

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