Peng Zhang on June 3rd, 2014

My blog is filled with comments spam as pending comments. The spamming is so serious that the spam filled up the database very quickly, causing it’s overall size to exceed the account limit. I initially used manual methods to delete pending comments into trash, and clearing trash permanently. But I quickly realized that the manual [...]

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Peng Zhang on December 24th, 2013

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Peng Zhang on August 17th, 2013

在Brimley和Sheppard交界处有一家上海城隍庙小吃,经常从旁经过,却从来也没有进去过,今天星期六早上就先去吃了早点,然后正好去打球。 从外面看上去场子挺大,其实里面却一点不大,环境还干净,星期六早上10点半,人不多,两面有窗,挺亮堂的。内部布置得有点怀旧,正对着进门处挂着一幅泛黄的老上海的照片,边上墙上挂的是旧上海时代的卖香烟的广告画 – 一个烫着头发的时髦女郎头像,店堂内的两面墙上还有老上海时的街景照片,有过去的女明星的照片,反正我也认不出来是谁。放着轻松的音乐,晚上的话,应该还是比较温馨的吧。台面上不是通常的塑料餐布,而是玻璃,面上已经有些起毛了,餐馆应该已经有些时日了吧。有冷气。 点了一碗咸豆浆2.99,一根油条1.50,一份小笼包4.99。咸豆浆的味道没有走样,是预料之中的;油条是现炸的,很大,还有点脆;小笼包是灌汤的,皮薄,但用筷子捡起来能不破皮。三分点心,都很好吃,味道算正宗吧。有上海的客人来了,这里是一个吃上海点心的好地方。唯一不足的是,菜单上没有列粢饭团,否则我会点的,还有就是没有小时候喜欢吃的粢饭糕。吃完了这份早点,中饭也不用吃,挺饱的。

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I got asked the questions about how much it costs to study in Canada as an international student once from someone from back in China. And to answer her question, I did some rough estimation using Excel. And I’d like to share this estimation document with anyone who is interested in. budget-estimation-for-international-students-in-Canada

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Peng Zhang on October 17th, 2012

I just want to record my experience with debugging WordPress and some plugins. WP-Debug is a plugin that is popular based on the number of downloads, but has not been updated for more than a year; also, when activated, it could display some debug information including queries in the front end in the footer area, but [...]

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Peng Zhang on October 5th, 2012

Here is the chart in PDF format. Minute-to-Hour-Conversion-Chart If you want to modify it, here is the source file Minute-to-Hour-Conversion-Chart

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