Today, I received the final tax bill from the City of Toronto for 2011. What can I say? My first impression is that Toronto is a police state. Policy, Fire, TTC and Debt Serving eat up almost 60% of all spending. It looks very depressing and bleak. And it looks to me certain vested interest [...]

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Peng Zhang on September 27th, 2010

I have had my fair share of riding in Toronto’s street cars, and while riding in them I used to wonder why the city leaders are not seeing there are so many things wrong with street cars and talk about eliminating them in favour of more efficient buses? Here are a few reasons why I [...]

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Peng Zhang on September 21st, 2010

A few months ago, as I waited in line to get out of a parking lot at an Environmental Day event in Scarborough, I thought I would never vote for this Rob Ford guy – his campaign workers were handing leaflets into cars and chitchatting with drivers and causing the cars behind to move slow [...]

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Starting May 2010, Toronto Hydro will be charging different rates for electricity usage during different time periods: on-peak, mid-peak and off-peak. The rates for on-peak period is 9.1 cents, about double that for the off-peak period.

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