Peng Zhang on August 15th, 2013

I wanted to find a code hosting and version control provider today. And I chose over several other alternatives for a couple of reasons: GitHub – it’s a great hosting and version control system; it’s free; it has by far the largest developer community and the largest number of hosted projects; but it offers [...]

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Peng Zhang on July 1st, 2011

今天应老婆要求,安装了“酷我K歌”这个软件。在我自己的管理员账户下运行一切正常。但是一旦用我老婆的账户,软件可以启动,但是颠簸歌曲的话,不能播放歌曲。也没有什么错误信息。 通过测试发现, 如果在老婆的有限制的账户下用管理员的身份启动软件的话,工作一切正常。如果,在限制级的账户下正常启动软件,又是哪个老问题。我老婆基本上是一个电脑盲,怕她会很容易通过上网,把病毒和不良软件带到电脑上和在网络上的其他电脑,所以我不能让她用管理员级的账户。 通过网上搜索发现了一个解决方案,可以采用。就是写一个vbs文件,用WScript的Shell,来以管理员的身份来启动这个软件。网上找到代码总是有一点这里那里的错误。还是花了一点时间,查找档案,在几个方面改进了在网上找到的代码: DOS窗户在启动过程中被最小化了,用户不会看到dos窗户里的很多信息; 原来的sleep状态时间太短,以致在老旧的电脑上,不够长; 原来的sendkeys里少了一个{ENTER}特殊键,dos窗口得不到密码; 如果是家庭用的电脑通常没有domain,用户名就是电脑名\用户名,而不是域名\用户名; 可执行程序的路径如果含有空格的话,要用引号包括;同时要用连着的两个引号代表一个引号; 该了便捷连接的名字,使它看不出来是指向一个vbs文件; 更改了这个连接的图标,可以借用任何其他程序或资源文件带有的图标。 点击这里下载vbs文件

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Peng Zhang on February 7th, 2011

Justin Vincent is an seasoned programmer who authored the popular ezSQL php library. And he has this interest post that I read from his blog, and I kind of agree with what he has to say about being a perfectionist and testing too much can be a bag thing for developers, clients and bosses. I [...]

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I had to deal with this issue of Word 2007 today – there is always a gap between an image and the left edge of either page or margin, no matter what you do with image positing, margins and alignment settings as long as the text wrapping option is set to “in front of text”. [...]

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Peng Zhang on October 2nd, 2010

I have recently set up a wiki library on Sharepoint in order to collaborate on content for an internal corporate communication project. I am the designer, developer and programmer of this multimedia piece and I need to get content from various authors for different sections of the project. In the past, we have used notes, [...]

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Peng Zhang on July 1st, 2010

This post is in relation to this post about upcoming collaboration software/services. The article listed Feng Office (formerly known as OpenGoo), MangoSpring, and WE+ as the smaller but up-coming online collaboration software platforms. But the article failed to stress the fact that Feng Office is Open Source while the other two are closed source and [...]

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