Peng Zhang on May 9th, 2011

This post is to record the resources that I gathered in the search for a solution to detect client bandwidth. A tutorial to build a bandwidth tester with source download (on Net Tuts) A detector AS3 Class with source download Another AS3 Tester with source Yet another one with source (a library with bandwidth part [...]

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I am going to try out the two approaches here tomorrow: This approach is just a suggestion and there is proof of concept test available. But, I am leaning towards this approach because when a new Flash player comes out that fixed the problem, this procedure seems that it will not break. While [...]

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I encountered an issue after changing the publishing settings from Flash Player 9 to 10, where functions defined on the first frame of the timeline of a movieclip is no longer available for invocation on the same frame from scripts on the main timeline. That worked perfectly well when publishing settings were set for Flash [...]

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Flash’s FLVPlayBack Component has a weird problem: when it tries to play a FLV video, it first shows green stripes in the progress bar and takes extremely long before the video starts to show up, regardless of the connection speed and the size of the video file. The video will eventually play, but the striping [...]

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Peng Zhang on December 9th, 2010

Problem Even if a movieclip instance is on the stage and has been named, actionscript to access the movieclip and its property or method would throw an error like this one: “TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.” Cause There is one or more unnamed instances of the [...]

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Dreamweaver has a “nice” feature that will automatically update the links in all affected files in a site when you restructure(moving files and folders around) your files and folders using it’s file browser panel. In most cases, I find this feature to be extremely useful and saves a great deal of time. But today I [...]

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