I installed the Uber app before, and tried to register an account and stopped half way in that process, because it asked me for my credit card information. As much as I wanted to try Uber, I did not want to give out the critical information just like that.

That’s until when my car battery quit in the Walmart parking lot, on the same I planned to buy a new battery at Canadian Tire and replace it, right after the Walmart visit. You know what, as if the battery knew my plans and got upset, and decided to pre-empt me right there in the parking lot. I tried to buy the battery from Walmart’s auto department and get it installed, but the automotive shop was closed, and they don’t have tools rental or a battery booster. That left me with no choice but to call a cab. Wait, there is another choice, and I decided to give Uber a try to see if it works. I finally gave up my credit card info to Uber. And from that point on, the request for a ride share was simple, and the wait was beyond my expectations, because it was only minutes, and I could see where exactly the car was and how many minutes it was to my location. And because I also knew the make of the car, when the car pulled up, I already knew it was it. The driver turned out to be nice too, although the air refreshener was a bit too strong. But that was OK. The drive was uneventful. I had to double-back to retrieve the home key (lucky we did not get too far away yet, before I remembered), got home, got the battery booster, returned to the Walmart parking lot. And the whole around trip was $19 something, very reasonable. And there was no cash that changed hand – everything is taken care of electronically through Uber and there is the reason why they needed the credit card.

After that I boosted the car, drove to Canadian Tire, bought a replacement battery, got home, watched a couple of Youtube DIY videos, and got out the tools and replaced the battery on my drive way. The replacement job took about 30 minutes, simple enough. And I returned the old battery on the same day and got the $20 dollar back.

Good job, Uber!

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