My green bin has been broken for some time. I bought a new one from Canadian Tire for $39.99 before tax, an exorbitant price for a piece of plastic. I then researched the web to see if there is a better option. And sure, there is – I can get a replacement green bin for free from the city. And there is even an online ordering form. I ordered a replacement one and was instructed to put out the broken one out on the next curb collection day, and place the organic waste in a clear plastic bag; and the new one will be delivered on that day. So I returned the green bin back to Canadian Tire. Thank you very much.

However, the new one was dropped off a day earlier to the door. The problem is the curbside collection teams did not remove the old broken green bin placed beside the new one. I researched the web again, and the toronto city website is not clear about how to drop off the broken one. It gives the impression that you have to deposite $20 dollars on entry and pay the balance on exit, and did not mention dropping off a green bin.

I went anyway to the Scarborough Transfer station to try my luck. After entering the premises, there is a fork in the road; to the left are mostly different types of daily waste; and to the right is the office and visitors, plus hazardous waste. I pondered for a while, and decided to take the office visitor route, because I don’t have any real waste. And I saw green bin piles near the office as well. There was no one in sight when I parked the car and approached an open door. Then a man appeared from a side office. I told him I have a broken green bin, and he told me to leave the broken green bin near the piles, and came back to get a new one. I told him I already got a new one and I left the broken one there.

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