I wanted to find a code hosting and version control provider today. And I chose CloudForge.com over several other alternatives for a couple of reasons:

  • GitHub – it’s a great hosting and version control system; it’s free; it has by far the largest developer community and the largest number of hosted projects; but it offers only Git hosting which I am less familiar with than Subversion; and free hosting is for open source projects only.
  • BitBucket – it is provided by Atlassian a reputable software company, and offers a generous 5 user free hosting account; but, again, it offers only GitHub or Mercurial.
  • Beanstalk – it offers both GitHub and Subversion hosting, but it does not offer free hosting.
  • Assembla – offers free subversion hosting, but for public projects;
  • CloudForge – offers free subversion and Git hosting, free plan has a 2GB generous space, and projects in free plan don’t have to be open source; upgradable to premium plans which are still cheaper than others;

Update: here is another one that I missed – ProjectLocker, which does not offer a free plan.

Update: other major code hosting providers are

  • google code
  • sourceforge
  • codeplex

Update: I decided to move from SVN to GIT, because 1) not being able to commit when the central repository is not available is just too much of a risk to bear, 2) commit speed is definitely important for frequent atomic commits.


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