I just want to record my experience with debugging WordPress and some plugins.

  • WP-Debug is a plugin that is popular based on the number of downloads, but has not been updated for more than a year; also, when activated, it could display some debug information including queries in the front end in the footer area, but it also brings up errors that bubbles up from inside one of its underlying Krumo library file; so I decided not to use it;
  • WP FirePHP is a plugin that is supposed to allow pushing logged information to the FireBug Console; but I found documentation lacking about how to actually to use the plugin, and where to write code to call its logging methods; and when activated, it adds an annoying an absolute div panel floating on top of some key areas of the admin dashboard; so I think it is not very usable at all;
  • Debug Bar is a plugin that I used that adds a debug button on the admin screen, very useful;
  • Debug Objects is also a useful plugin that I used that could be used to show debug info on the front end, very useful;

In addition to using plugins, there is a configuration settings for WordPress that is related to debugging – WP_DEBUG. It’s a setting that is set inside the wp-config.php file. There is documenation about WordPress debugging and WP_DEBUG mode on WordPress Codex pages.

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