First of all, be warned that jump-starting a car by hooking up two car batteries together with a jumper cable can be dangerous. If care is not taken, a short circuit can easily happen and cause personal injury and damage to the car.  There is no warranty the instructions would work for you or would not cause damage to you or your car, follow them at your own risk.

This is how I did it a few times so far:

  1. bring the two cars close together so that the jump-start cable is long enough to reach both car batteries, and leave the engine running in the good car;
  2. connect the red clamp onto the positive terminal of the depleted battery;
  3. connect the red clamp on the other end of the cable to the positive terminal of the good battery;
  4. connect the black clamp to the negative terminal of the good battery;
  5. connect the black clamp on the other end to a clean metallic part of the car chassis or the engine block. I have to confess I had connected it to the negative terminal of the depleted battery a number of times, and the jump-starting worked and nothing bad happened; but maybe that’s just me.
  6. leave the batteries connected for a few minutes to allow some charging to happen while keeping the good car running
  7. try to start the car by turning the key in the ignition; do not leave the car cranking too long; do it in relatively short bursts;
  8. disconnect the cable in the reverse order;

In rain or wet conditions, make sure your hands are dry and / or well insulated. Do not touch the two clamps on the same end together – that can cause a short circuit if the other two ends happen to be connected to a battery. When disconnecting, I find it can be easy to touch the two clamps together by accident if I disconnect the two clamps from one car both at the same time, because it is just convenient. I would recommend following the reverse order – disconnect one clamp from one battery, followed by disconnecting the same-colored clamp from the other battery. This reduces the risk of touching two clamps together while the other two are connected to one battery, causing a short circuit.

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