Flash’s FLVPlayBack Component has a weird problem: when it tries to play a FLV video, it first shows green stripes in the progress bar and takes extremely long before the video starts to show up, regardless of the connection speed and the size of the video file. The video will eventually play, but the striping and excessive waiting is annoying like hell.

Upon a closer look, I noticed strange things happening behind the scenes – the Flash Player is making repeated requests for the same FLV video file, and each request comes back with a 206 HTTP status code indicating a successful partial content being serviced. And I further tested to confirm that if the FLVPlayback component plays a video normally (without exhibiting those problem behaviour), there is only one request for the flv file and the entire video content is received in one request/response exchange.

The apparent symptoms and the HTTP activity patterns are consistent across different browsers and different web servers.

Through tests and experimentation, I finally pinned it down on the Flash piece itself – it’s a problem between the FLVPlayback component and the use of scenes in Flash. More specifically, the problem has to do with where the component is placed in the Flash movie – if you place the FLVPlayback component in a scene, say, the second one, you will have problem; on the other hand, if you don’t use scenes in your movie and the FLVPlayback is therefore on the main timeline, you don’t see this problem.

So it appears that the workaround is not to use scenes in the Flash project, which is not nice because scenes give you a better structure.  In my opinion, this is a software bug that needs to be fixed, because people want to use scenes and want their FLVPlayback components to still work.

By the way, I am using Flash CS4 on Windows Professional SP2.

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One Response to “Flash FLVPlayBack Component Problem – Green Stripes and Excessive Waiting Time”

  1. Make sure before run FLV on the website your server provider enable the MIME type for flv. For more help

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