This is a description of how I saw a new theme was created by copying an existing theme. This is just to help me remember the general process later on. It’s not detailed and may not even be accurate.

  1. duplicate the folder of an existing theme, for example, the “Jet” theme folder;
  2. rename the duplicate folder to a new name – the name of your new theme;
    This name should not contain the underscore character “_”. We tried a name with an underscore in it, and everything would seem to be in order; but when it comes the time to set the theme in the site settings page, there would be an error, to the effect that the folder or file could not be found. So stick to the alphabet and numbers, and stay away from any character that is out of that range.
  3. find the xxx.inf file in the new theme folder, and rename it to yourthemename.inf file ;
  4. open up the yourthemename.inf file in a text editor, and search for and replace the name of the copied existing theme with the name of the new theme; save and close;
  5. find the file called “spthemes.???” file, and open it up in a text editor;
  6. append a section to the end of the file for the theme theme; save and close;
  7. go to the site settings page of the sharepoint site;
  8. go to the look and feel/themes page, and choose the new theme from the theme dropdown list;

Now you can start using Sharepoint Designer to edit the css file FSHR1011-65001.css, which allegedly actually exists inside a database. Once all style and image changes are done, copy all the changes back to the themes.css file that exists in the file system. The database -based css file will be overwritten and re-constructed from the two css files in the file system.

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