Total cost is 228.69 including taxes. Work included replacing engine oil and filter, service front and rear brakes, rotate tires, and a host of inspections (parking brake, suspension components, brake hoses).  The price to pay is steep compared with other places.

Also had them do a rust check. It is a biannual check and, if necessary, re-application of rust protection. Gave him one of four stamps (looking like a certificate) to Edwin Wong, the service adviser. And he had me sign the stamp and said he would mail it in.

Honda Civic Maintenance Minders and Prices at Formula Honda

Honda Civic Maintenance Minders and Prices at Formula Honda

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One Response to “B1 Maintenance Done on Honda Civic at 31225KM”

  1. Bill says:

    $228 seems kind of steep for an oil change. Even at such low km’s what do they inspect? My guess is they open the hood and do a quick “once over”. You can do the same and save $150.00. Half the time they don’t even inspect what they are supposed to. Oil and filter can be done for like $24.99. You are basically paying labour of $85 and hour for the tech to do his 1.5 hour “visual inspection”. IMO complete waste of $$$. No wonder they call them “stealerships”

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