Brought in the car at around 8:25AM to Formula Honda Dealership at Markham and Finch; No lines; cheched in and got a disc-like thing that would beep when the job is finished or when they need to contact me. It’s probably a better way to contact a client than a page on the broadcast system. Because when they activate the thing, they can see whether the client is in the area or not, if so, who the person is.

The service center has a NetZone with two notebook computers attached ready to go, although the one I used had a network problem after a short while and Internet stopped working. I could not figure out whether it is being blocked by some proxy server or anything. The other computer has a working network connection, but is missing the N key and the Spacebar key does not work. But still it is better than not having the NetZone – general internet browsing can still be done with a mouse. And I think you may even be able to hook up own computer.

Quite nicely, the wait for the service job to finish was relatively short, just one hour, and just as the service representative estimated. I was out of the dealership at 9:30am on the road. Got engine oil changed, tires rotated, fluid levels checked and topped up, underbody and underhood minor checks, tire thread checked, and said goodbye to $89 CAD including tax. The price is a bit steep, but the service quality and peace of mind is probably worth it.

I would give the service a 4.5 out of 5 points. I almost never give 5 because anything can be improved upon.

Below is the Civic Maintenance Minders

Honda Civic Maintenance Minders and Prices at Formula Honda

Honda Civic Maintenance Minders and Prices at Formula Honda

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One Response to “Minder A1 Maintenance on Honda Civic 2008 at 23346km”

  1. van says:

    Thanks for that image. I have called my regular mechanic for my older crappier Windstar and he will do the maintenance required (A1)for my 2007 Civic for a fraction of the cost.

    Thanks again.

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