Peng Zhang on February 3rd, 2014

Here are some observations about the personal site collection (my site) created for each user:

  • By default, you cannot activate the Server Publishing feature, because of an error to the effect that there is already a “Documents” library, and the message suggests deleting the document library, but that document library has no “delete this list” link in the list settings page.
  • You can activate the Publishing Infrastructure site collection feature though;
  • You can successfully change the look or composed look only by typing in the URL “_layouts/15/designgallery.aspx”, pick, preview, and keep a composed look;
  • You can successfully change the master page only by typing in the URL “_layouts/15/changesitemasterpage.aspx”, and pick a master page;
  • MDS (minimal download strategy) feature was enabled by default;

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Peng Zhang on February 3rd, 2014

Sharepoint my site host is a site collection where users will come to when they click the “About me” link from the Welcome drop down. Specifically, users come to the person.aspx page of the my site host site collection.

From there, users can click links that will bring them to their own personal site collection. The OOTB pattern for the link to users’ personal site collection is firstname_lastname after the managed path.

Here are some observations of the my site host site collection created by default:

  • Publishing Infrastructure site collection feature is disabled;
  • Server publishing site feature is disabled;
  • Even with publishing features enabled, the “Change the look” link is not included on the settings page;
  • My site host uses the mysite15.master;
  • Unlike regular content site collections, there is only one header bar;
  • The “Site Content” link under the gears will take the user to the current user’s personal site collection view all content page;
  • The “Site Settings” link under the gears will take the current user to the site settings page of the current my site host site collection;

To apply a color theme, go to the page _layouts/15/designgallery.aspx page (pointed to by the “Change the look” link in other site collections”), pick, preview and apply a theme; at this point the profile image will disappear because none of the composed looks use the mysite15.master page; so you would need to use the master page link from the settings page to change the master page to either mysite15 or your custom mysite host master page.

My site host site collection contains a user photos library with a subfolder called “Profile Pictures” where each uploaded photo will have 3 versions Large, Medium and Small.

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    Peng Zhang on December 28th, 2013

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    Peng Zhang on December 24th, 2013

    Peng Zhang on October 11th, 2013

    On this splendid long-weekend Friday afternoon, on the drive home, for the first time, I heard the beautiful songs of this Canadian singer on CBC radio. Her name is Amelia Currant. Yes, I got it right; I immediately researched her name and her songs as soon as I got home. Her style of singing is like telling stories of ordinary lifes. And she is again from the East of Canada that seems to have a tradition of producing great singers and songs.

    So here I am adding her my great Canadians.

    My Great Canadians

    That’s it for now, and I’ll add to the list as I go along.


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    Peng Zhang on August 17th, 2013


    从外面看上去场子挺大,其实里面却一点不大,环境还干净,星期六早上10点半,人不多,两面有窗,挺亮堂的。内部布置得有点怀旧,正对着进门处挂着一幅泛黄的老上海的照片,边上墙上挂的是旧上海时代的卖香烟的广告画 – 一个烫着头发的时髦女郎头像,店堂内的两面墙上还有老上海时的街景照片,有过去的女明星的照片,反正我也认不出来是谁。放着轻松的音乐,晚上的话,应该还是比较温馨的吧。台面上不是通常的塑料餐布,而是玻璃,面上已经有些起毛了,餐馆应该已经有些时日了吧。有冷气。


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